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OK Orion
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7th World Rogaining Championships

 June 11- June 12 2005  Nõva

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Results of II  European  Rogaining Championships:  Results, Split times
Results of  Nõva Rogain 8 hours:  Results, Split times
Results of  Nõva Rogain 3 hours:  Results, Split times
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Pictures from European Championships
Taavi Vallner:
Tarmo Klaar:
Urmas Raude:

With a kind permission of Tarmo Klaar, you can use a program, which he has developed, to analyse the different route choices of teams. Download from file. Unzip the files to a separate folder and run a program RogainRoute.exe. In the program click the folder icon behind "rogain.rada", choose  route, which openes the rogain map with controls. Pick the teams you are interested in by double-clicking them. Now by clicking on the pencil, the program will draw the route choice of selected teams. As the map is large, you may get a better overview by changing the zoom  under "Joonista", "Suurendus".

Start lists: European Championships, Nõva 8h, Nõva 3h

Nõval 40 km liivaranda

II European Rogaining Championships
Full 24 hour event, IRF sanctioned

Classes M, W, X (J, open, V, SV) 

Nõva Rogain, 8 and 3 hours

Area is the NW corner of Estonia continental part. Surrounded two sides (40km!)
Baltic See coastline with sand beaches. Landscape is pinewood on dunes, moorland,
bogs and lot of small lakes. Much roads and tracks. Only small part of territory have been used for orienteering, but not for rogaining. In june there is no real night darkness under 60 degree of latitude. Hash House is school sport ground. 60 km from Tallinn (Intermnational Airport (TLL), autoferry lines from Helsinki and Stockholm) 30 km from (Paldiski, autoferry from Kappelskär (Sweden)

11.06  10:00 maps for 24 h
11.06  10:15 maps for 8 h
11.06  12:00 start for 24 h and 8h
11.06  12:05 maps for 3h
11.06  12:30 start for 3 h
11.06  15:30 end of time limit for 3h
11.06  20:00  end of  time limit for 8h
11.06  22:36  sunset
12.06   4:05   sunrise
12.06  12:00  end of time limit for 24h

  • 1:50000 5m countours for 24 and 8 h; 1:30000 5m countours for 3 h. There are 60 checkpoints. The value of the checkpoints varies from 2 to 7, and is equal to the decimal place of the checkpoint number. Maximum - 270 points. Optimal lenght for taking all checkpoints is 105-110 km.
  • Updated wiht OCAD
  • Elevation: see level to 30m
  • Example of map
  • Punching system used in the competitions: SPORTident

Entry fees
Entry fee for a team is the sum of entry fees for individual team members. Number of members in teem can be 2...5. Entry fees for competitors (catering in the event center included)

24 hours
8 hours
3 hours
Until 25.05.2005
20 €
10 €
5 €
26.05.2005 -  03.06.2005
28 €
14 €
5 €

Rent of 30 punch SI card  2 € for one team or 64 punch SI card 4€ for one team. You can add it to entry fee.
Entries: Until 03.06.2005 OK Orion, IVK http://www.sportnet/ivk/
You can see registrated teams:

Phone:  Viiu  Rebane  +3725029184
Fax: +3726397603
The bank transfer should be perfomed:
OK Orion
Account IBAN no EE272200001120061229
Liivalaia 8
15040 Tallinn
All transaction costs shall be paid by the payer

Persons, who need visas would send  to OK Orion for preparing invitation following data:
# the given name, surname, former names, date of birth, place of birth, sex and citizenship of a person who is invited to Estonia 
# the number and the issuing country of a travel document of a person who is invited to Estonia
# the foreign address of a person who is invited in Estonia and the address of his/her residence during his/her stay in Estonia
# the period of validity of the applied visa for, number of allowed entries and number of days allowed to stay in Estonia

Persons sent your data before 25.02.2005 will get visa without fee. If OK Orion get Your application after this date, You will be pay additional 10 € for each person by rules Migration Board.  Read more:  ( in Russian: ). You could find information like "Who does need a visa to visit Estonia"  on website

Competition details

  • Full 24 hour event, IRF sanctioned, with all normal rogaining classes
  • 8 and 3 hour options (non EC, 3h may participate individually)
  • Sport Ident electronical punching
    There are three gender classes of competition: Men’s teams (M), Women’s teams (W), and Mixed teams (X), the latter being all teams that contain at least one female and one male rogainer. Within each gender class, all teams are in the Open age category. In addition, some teams will be eligible for restricted age categories as follows:
    1. Junior (J): all team members must be under 20 years of age on the first day of competition.
    2. Veteran (V): all team members must be 40 years of age or over on the first day of competition.
    3. Super Veteran (SV): all team members must be 55 years of age or over on the first day of competition. (Note: all super veteran teams are automatically in the veteran class also).


  • The object of the competition is to score points within the time limit  (24 h, 8 h or 3h)  by finding checkpoints located on the competition terrain.
  • The value of the checkpoints varies, depending on the difficulty-distance from the event centre, from 2 to 7, and is equal to the decimal place of the checkpoint number. Checkpoints may be visited in any order (score orienteering).
  • A team shall record its visits to a checkpoint by punching with SI card. The checkpoint site is additionally marked with small pieces of paper so that the competitors could be sure that the checkpoint was there in case the control flag or SI station is missing. A visit to such checkpoint can be proved by punching to the map or picking up one scrap of a paper.
  • A team's score shall be the value of the checkpoints visited less penalties. Late returns are penalized by deducting points: up to 1 minute - 1 point, for exceeding each next full minute - 1 point. Teams finishing more than 30 minutes late shall be deemed ineligible for a placing.
  • The team with the greater score, or in the event of a tie, the team which finished earlier, shall be awarded the higher placing. Each team must remain together (i.e. within eye-sight of each other) for the entire period from the start until their retirement from the course.
  • On the course, i.e. during the competition outside the event center, competitors can use only food or other supplies taken along from the event centre. The only exception is drinking water offered by organizers. Competitors shall not deliberately rest within sight of a checkpoint. The only navigational aids that may be carried on the course are maps provided by organizers, compasses and watches.

Bus no 146 from railway station to Nõva  10.06 17:20 and 11.06 6:10.  Marked way from bus stop to the Event Centre (500m).

Tents in event  centre. Floor accomodation in Nõva School

Andres Käär pictures (november 2004): pic1, pic2, pic3, pic4

Location of event centre on map of Estonia, more detailed

Tourism info:

Orienteering maps in event area
Roosta (2004)                - 2004054
Nõva (2004)                   - 2004019
Nõva (2003)                   - 2003019
Nõva Peraküla (2002)      - 2002056   
Nõva-Peraküla(2001)       - 0132
Roosta (1994)                - 9405

Estonian OK Orion will run 3th 24h rogaine in June 11-12  2005.  Estonia as European Union member has visa freedom for most European countries. Popularity of rogaining in region is on the increase. Latvian 1th championship had held in july 2004 (12h overnight). Most popular event in Estonia TAOK  Rogaine (8h)  gathered 629 participants (239 teams):

OK Orion has used 3 times successfully SportIdent electronical punching system in the rogaining event.

Arne Kivistik - course setter, mapping fieldwork
Andres Käär - course vetter,  computer cartography

OK Orion 2005 (c)